Hello!~ I'm Nuha, girl who loves Lolita and cute things from the United Kingdom.

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Sweet Harajuku Styles for Spring & Summer by RinRin Doll 

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Two recent custom sashes I’ve made.  The first one is inspired by the sash worn by the Mother in “Mary Poppins”.  

The girl who ordered the second one is going to wear it to Disney World.  The colors she requested really hearkened back to my early childhood during the 80’s.  So very original My Little Ponies or Princess Lady Lovely Locks!

Additionally I have gotten back the remainder of my inventory from the ACEN Indie Lolita Boutique.  I’ve added quite a bit of it to my etsy store (some with discounts) and plan on adding the rest in the next few days. 

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fun fact: iraq, pakistan, afghanistan and saudi arabia have a higher percentage of women in the government than the us & the uk

another fun fact: white people tend to get very angry when you point this out to them

people who need to see this: everyone

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Palace of the Winds in Jaipur, India

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seifukus from this taobao shop image

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